Ephraiem Fakhry:
The Second Coming of the Lord
   Parable of Ten Virgins
   The Good Sameritan
   The Prodigal Son
   The Rich Man and Lazarus
Farid Zaki:
Great salvation
   The need for salvation
   Salvation is an eternal gift
   God's Gradual Revelation for Salvation
   God's Gradual Revelation for Sacrifices
   The Great Salvation
   Salvation and Grace
   God Solved Sin in the Cross
   Forgiveness and Justification
   Justification: Its foundation and means
   The meaning of cleansing
   Types of cleansing
   The meaning of redemption
   Redemption from the Law
   Redemption brings us closer to the Father
   The redemption of the souls, and the redemption of the bodies
   The meaning of reconciliation
   Reconciliation with God
   Second birth
   The role of the Holy spirit in second birth
   Eternal Life
   Stages of salvation
   Stages of salvation and man's role in them
   Who is the true believer?
   Safty, Assurance, and Joy
   Christ's Assuring Promises
   Salvation in Three Stages
   Christ as Mediator
   The Power of Christ in The Believer
   The Role of The Holy Spirit in Salvation
   Christ's Second Coming
   The signs of Christ's second coming
   The End of The World
   People's State During The Last Days
   As It Was In The Days of Noah and Lot
   The Signs of The Lord's Coming
Haleem Hasaballah:
The Lord's Miracles
   The Gerasene Demoniac 1
   The Gerasene Demoniac 2
   The Gerasene Demoniac 3
   The Concept of Wine in Christianity
   The Spiritual Symbols for Wine in The Bible
   Healing of The Woman Who Had Hemorrhage
   The Prodigal Son
   Bartimaeus The Blind
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Begging
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Cried Out
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Have Mercy On Me
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Obstacles
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Trust In Him
   Bartimaeus The Blind-Final Healing
Jamila Tanous:
Jamila Tanous' Testemony
   Jamila Tanous' Service
MWY Team:
Christ's Greatness in His Birth
   Introduction to Miracles of Christ
   The Healing at Bethesda
   The Feeding of Five Thousand
   The Lord's Death
   Eternal Life
   The Healing at Bethesda
   The Cross
   The Resurrection of Lazarus
   Practical Sanctification
   Living As Sons of Light
   David 1
   David 2
   Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
   The Greatness of Christ
   Types of Faith
   Faith and Works
   The Meaning of Salvation
   Types of Salvations
Maher Fayez:
Maher Fayez' Testamony
Maher Samuel:
Stress And How To Deal With It
   Depression-How to deal with it in light of the Bible
   Relationship with God
Moheb Nassif:
He is Altogether Lovely
   Love That Passes Knowledge
   I See Him in The Middle of My Agony
   He Does Not Break Without Blessing
Mourad Saleh:
Definition of Redemption
Youssef Riad:
Different Portrait for the Christ
   Healing the Gerasene Demoniac
   The cleansing of the leopard
   Magic 1
   Magic 2
   Christ's Birth
   Christ's Virgin Birth
   Christ Reserruction

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